Photographer Diana Lee Zadlo's new zine,"JUNE
is a photographic account of her time on the road in 
Summer '14 with Pallbearer and Deafheaven, 
dealing with wanderlust, touring through Texas
without air conditioning, and more.

We've got photos from the zine and asked Diana to give some details regarding the content and inspiration within the book. 

                                        Wreck & Reference

Where do you call home and how does it affect your photography or personality as a whole?

Nashville is where I keep my stuff. I don’t have a house I grew up in to visit my family at, or old friends from 2nd grade I can reminisce with. Not having a hometown is a huge part of why I am the way I am. I’m a wild child. I adapt. Photography was a way for me to quickly get to know people and places. I still use it to do the same.

How did you begin photographing musicians on tour and have you always been more focused on capturing the experience of traveling opposed to the live show?

I’ve always wanted to get in the van. Photographing music, both on and off stage, is something I’ve been married to since high school, and through those years of making images for bands and them getting stoked on them, I was eventually able to get in that van with them, get weird, document the day to day of a life I’d always been curious about. When touring, a majority of the time I am at work being a seller, so the live show isn’t something I can shoot, something I’m actually not really a part of. It’s the rest of the day, the different cities and people and the long drives with your brothers and sisters, those are the moments I get to capture. This zine in particular is mostly photos I took on those long drives, entertaining myself by hunting buildings and trees, or cows, or people in their cars. It’s what we all saw every single day, staring out the window.

Do you think touring with bands has become an outlet for your own wanderlust?

Being a military brat kind of bred me to be a traveller so I’ve always been a wanderer of sorts. Now I feel insane if I’m home too long. I’ve taken so many road trips, both solo and with friends. My car I have now is the same one I’ve had since I was 15, the interior ripped to shreds from blasting down highways with the windows rolled down, shoving all my possessions into it and moving, 10 years of cigarette smoke and hundreds of thousands of miles. I love being on the road. You get all the time to just be in your head. Touring is, simply put, exactly what I need. My brain reaches places it doesn’t reach when I’m at home, both awful and amazing.

Was touring with Pallbearer a much different experience than previous tours?

Pallbearer is my main squeeze (though I’d love to add more!) so most of my small touring history is with them. This tour with Deafheaven and Wreck & Reference was AMAZING. Just this time we had no air conditioning. In June. In Texas. The shorter tour I was on right before meeting up with Pallbearer was with a band from here, Forest of Tygers, and we also had no air conditioning. Playing my camera games help distract me from the heat



Why did you feel that putting a zine together was important?

I find that it’s hard for me to finish things I start. I get fits of intense interest in things that die off and instantly something new pops up that I dive into then that dies off. I wanted to finally finish something I said I was going to. And I was just so happy with how the images turned out, how both sad and beautiful America can be, all the memories from that trip. I wanted to see it in print and I wanted to share it. I love seeing what other people see and I thought I should show what I was looking at too. This is the first zine I’ve made of my photographs alone but I definitely plan on doing more.

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