Words and Photos by Danielle Leonard 

Two weeks after I started interning at Sargent House, I was sent on a full US tour with Marriages. For someone who is not a musician and has never been on the road in this capacity, this was a totally new experience. On tour you'd expect to make a million new friends in every city but the ones I got the closest to were those I was trapped in a van with for a month straight. Before leaving, I had never even met anyone in either band, so it was a really nice surprise to discover that they were some of the most genuine and nicest people I’d ever met. They each have their own strong personalities (which tended at times to clash), but the passion and dedication put into their music creates an undeniable and necessary bond between them. We had our fair share of mechanical and van problems along the way, but even popping a tire fifteen minutes from the venue proves that while most things were out of our control, at least everyone stuffed in the van was going through it all together.