Words by henry kohen of mylets

I am here in Los Angeles, California at the offices of Sargent House. Just five days ago I returned from Europe following a 5 week tour around something over 15 countries. This was my second tour with label-mates And So I Watch You From Afar, the first being a North American tour in 2013 with TTNG. In our tour party was Rory Friers (ASIWYFA: Guitar), Niall Kennedy (ASIWYFA: Guitar), Johnny Adger (ASIWYFA: Bass), Chris Wee (ASIWYFA: Drums), Graham Smith (TM), Chris Le Dantec (FOH), and myself. 

Tour is strange because no matter where in the world, you find yourself confined to either a tour van, a venue greenroom, or a hotel. This means you will be spending a lot of time in close proximity with the people you are traveling with and that you will all collectively share an experience of mental degradation as time passes and the days all blend into one long adventure. I can think of no better group of people to share such a time with than the ones I was with for this past month. The reality is that as exciting as touring is, it is also incredibly scary to go it alone as my “band” set up demands. To have any fears or doubts I set out with be completely outweighed by the support and friendship I felt from those around me is something I cannot properly convey my appreciation for. 

Photos by Graham Smith and Rory friers of asiwyfa

Make sure you tune in below and check out a short film shot in Germany focused on And So I Watch You From Afar during the same tour