After growing up in Ireland and the dissolve of his former 
black metal outfit, Altar of Plagues, James Kelly began 
focusing on the quieter side of things by writing music as WIFE.

How long have you been making music as Wife?

I've been making music that would become WIFE for three or four years. It began as a means of adapting to moving from a rural life where I could make noise at any time of the day to a place where you'd hear neighbors' conversations through the walls. 

What's it like being a young musician growing up in Ireland?

There are two types of people in rural Ireland. Those who play sports and those who don't. I fell into the latter category (though I did have a short lived career in boxing and rugby). But I think the isolated nature of where I lived proved beneficial to my creative pursuits. 

You are almost forced to become a one man band. So I learned drums, then guitar, then bass and then I bought a tape recorder and went from there. When I was old enough to go to venues I saw a lot of amazing shows that were definitely important for me. I remember seeing bands like Liars and Oneida when I was 18, having absolutely no idea who they were, and being completely floored. I used to go to a lot of metal shows too, mostly DIY things.

Who would you play with on your dream bill?

I'll go for something that could be attainable rather than a line up of deceased favourites. I'd die happy if I could ever somehow play on a bill with Fever Ray and Godspeed You! Black Emperor.

What's been your favorite meal in the states on this tour?

This tour did not really afford me the luxury of having much time for checking out restaurants but I will say that the US is the only country in which I have ever had a cheeseburger for breakfast. I also think that nothing beats a good burrito. I'm sure they are generic for you guys but its impossible to get an authentic burrito over here.

Describe your music with a quote:

"Nothing is real, everything is permitted."




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